Press Release: Wisconsin 6.15.08

Red Cross announces mobile service center for Wisconsin
Relief organization brings services to residents affected by floods, tornadoes

Contact: Jeffery Biggs Office: (571) 918-5547; Cell: (512) 529-7952

MADISON, Wis., June, 15, 2008 – The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Operation in Madison has announced the positioning of a mobile service delivery unit in southern Wisconsin to assist residents with their recovery efforts from the devastating floods that ravaged the county nearly nine days ago.

The mobile service delivery unit will provide clients with client services, mental health and clean-up supplies. Each mobile unit will also be available for at least one day in Columbia County, Wis., beginning at noon, Monday, June 16, 2008 in Columbus, Columbia County, Wisconsin.

“It is important that we bring the service to the people affected by this horrible disaster,” said Jeffery Biggs, public affairs officer for the American Red Cross. “This series of flooding and tornadoes has been extremely traumatic for Wisconsin’s residents, and having all services available in a centralized location makes the recovery process less traumatic.”

The mobile unit will open first at noon Monday, June 16. Mobile service delivery will be available first at:

Columbus Public Library
223 W. James Street
Columbus, Wisconsin

From Columbus, the unit will then travel to:

Portage High School
301 Collins Street
Portage, Wisconsin
2600 W. Wisconsin Avenue

This mobile unit will assist as many clients as possible in Columbus before departing for Portage. After it leaves Portage, client service delivery will be determined and announced on a case by case basis for those affected in Columbia County.


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