Press Release: Wisconsin 6.15.08

Red Cross announces opening of service delivery sites
Relief organization brings services to residents affected by floods, tornadoes

MADISON, Wis., June, 15, 2008 – The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Operation in Madison has announced the opening of five service delivery locations throughout southern Wisconsin to assist residents with their recovery efforts from the devastating floods that ravaged the county nearly nine days ago.

Each service delivery site will provide multiple services to clients, including: client casework, bulk distribution of supplies, health services, and disaster mental health services.

“It is important that we bring the service to the people affected by this horrible disaster,” said Jeffery Biggs, public affairs officer for the American Red Cross. “This series of flooding and tornadoes has been extremely traumatic for Wisconsin’s residents, and having all services available in a centralized location makes the recovery process less traumatic.”

Each service delivery site will open at noon Monday, June 16. Wisconsin service delivery sites are:

Richland Center High School
23200 Hornet High Road
Richland Center, Wis. 53581

Southeast Wisconsin Chapter of the American Red Cross
(Milwaukee Chapter Office)
2600 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, Wis. 53233

LA CROSSE COUNTY (Already open for service)
Scenic Bluffs Chapter of the American Red Cross
(La Crosse Chapter Office)
2927 Losey Blvd.
La Crosse, Wis. 54601

Reedsburg High School
1100 Albert Avenue
Reedsburg, Wis. 53959

Washington Elementary School
600 Grove Street
Beaver Dam, Wis. 53916

In addition to the announced service centers, the Red Cross has plans to open two additional service centers in Dodge and Racine Counties once conditions warrant and local government and emergency management officials determine it is safe to do so.

“Currently, conditions in two locations do not allow us to open two of our projected service delivery sites,” Biggs said. “We hope to open locations in Ft. Atkinson in Dodge County and Union Grove in Racine County once flood conditions allow us to do so. The flood waters have not crested in those areas, and it simply isn’t possible at this time to open those two locations. Once conditions improve, we will immediately begin the process of identifying and opening those two locations.”


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