Media Contacts

Press Room

(Please give us your feedback. The more we know about how you are using this page, the better we can suit your needs on the next disaster operation. If there is some specific information or formats that would be more helpful for you, please let us know. Please file a comment below, and thanks again for your interest.)

National Media:
Please call the Disaster Public Affairs line at (202) 303-5551, and we will find the appropriate person for your particular request.

Local Media:
Please contact your local chapter.

If you’re a member of the media and are looking to visit a shelter, please note that this is our most updated information. Shelter location information is subject to change without notice. Please check with your local chapter or call 1-866-GET-INFO to confirm this information.

Any feedback you can provide in the comment form below will be helpful in making this tool more useful for you.


One Response to Media Contacts

  1. I am in 110% support of the Red Cross, and the great work that they do, I can only offer a service to the Farmers and Ranchers, in Marketing their cattle. Free of charge. Many people would like to take advantage ot these unforuninate, Hard working Backbone of America Farmers and Ranchers, and offer them 1/2 of what their livestock are worth. I would like to think that the media would join us in helping the Farmers and Ranchers through this Disaster. Our thoughts are with them. Thank You Michael Murphy owner Murphy Livestock Richmond Ky. All information is on the website to contact us

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