Photos: Cedar Rapids 7.7.08

July 9, 2008

Photos available to the media for download. Courtesy Dave Knoer/American Red Cross.

Cedar Rapids 7.7.08 Cedar Rapids 7.7.08 Cedar Rapids 7.7.08


Photos: Iowa and Illinois 7.2.08 to 7.4.08

July 7, 2008

Photos available for download by the media. Courtesy Dave Knoer/American Red Cross.

Sams Flooded Home Bridge flag Steve Schweitzer We're here Red Crossers assesment Stops Gulfport IL Payday Loan Glenda Boat Indescribable Welcome Glenda Plunkett  Steve Schweitzer and Jill Gorin Gulfport under water Flooded Road Jill Gorin with KCRG anchor Emergency Response Vehicle Cedar Rapids Mayor Kay Hallgran and Glenda Plunkett Iowa welcomes the Red Cross Flooded Home 4th of July West Burlington Iowa Gulfport, Illinois Gulfport, Illinois

Photos: Joe Becker in Iowa 6.16.08

June 16, 2008

Joe Becker in Cedar Falls, IA

Senior Vice President of Disaster Services, Joe Becker, addresses Red Cross workers in Cedar Falls, IA.

Fast Facts: The American Red Cross Response 6.15.08

June 15, 2008

(Effective June 15, 2008; 8:00 am EST)

Consolidated relief information for Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, California (Three Rivers Wildfire), Illinois, Nebraska and West Virginia:

  • 74 Shelters opened*
  • 7,447 Shelter overnight stays*
  • 98,878 Meals served*
  • 169,375 Snacks served*
  • 77 Emergency Response vehicles deployed
  • 4,796 Clean up kits distributed
  • 2,086 Comfort kits distributed
  • 5,136 Mental health contacts deployed
  • 2,773 Health services contacts deployed*
  • 2,088 Red Cross workers deployed

Term Definitions

* indicates a correction to yesterday’s numbers